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Please click on the links below for embedded maps created through Future Pasts research.

Future Pasts cultural landscapes journey mapping, west Namibia

​If you zoom in on the map below you can follow journeys undertaken with Damara / ≠Nūkhoen and ||Ubun elders - Ruben Sauneib Sanib, Sophia Opi |Awises, Franz ||Hoëb and Noag Ganaseb (as named on each layer). Different journeys are indicated with differently coloured placemarkers. Click on the place-markers to find more information about specific places and view available photos. Welhemina Suro Ganuseb and Filemon |Nuab were translators and guides throughout and the journeys were facilitated by Future Pasts ethnographer Sian Sullivan who also entered the information on googlemaps.   

To Kunene from the Cape - Historical and archaeological references of colonial encounters with landscapes and peoples in the south-western corner of Africa

This map logs several centuries and sources of information for the south-western corner of Africa: archaeological finds and analyses; early European accounts in the south-western corner of Africa, starting from the emerging Cape colony of the 1600s; and places, encounters and events recorded in miscellaneous historical texts and more recent historiography.

Literature references and a chronology of encounters in southwestern Africa are available here. Images and observations from a journey northwards to Kunene Region (Namibia) from Cape Town by Sian Sullivan and Mike Hannis in Aug-Oct 2017 are available here 

Cadastral mining maps for Namibia

This map gives a 2017 snapshot of mining and prospecting licences and applications in Namibia, as downloaded by Mike Hannis. The official current version of this cadastral map, containing much more information (including offshore and hydrocarbon licences), is available here.

Archaeological and historical records of !nara (Acanthosicyos horridus) use in Namibia prior to 1990

This map shows mapped archaeological and historical records for the use of the melon plant !nara (Acanthosicyos horridus Welw. ex Hook.f.) in Namibia, derived from literature review by Sian Sullivan - as detailed here

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