Future Pasts Working Papers

The Future Pasts Working Paper series aims to facilitate rapid distribution of research findings and work in progress by researchers associated with the Future Pasts programme. We also welcome relevant contributions by post-graduate students and other associates of Future Pasts. The series aims to open up discussion among the global community of scholars, policymakers and practitioners on pressing issues concerning conservation, sustainability, heritage, knowledge and value that are exemplified in west Namibian social and environmental contexts. All Future Pasts working papers are available to download in PDF format (see links below).



Published Titles (links go to full abstract and .pdf)


No. 1.  Future pasts? Sustainabilities in west Namibia - a conceptual framework for research.
           by Sullivan, S., Hannis, M., Impey, A., Low, C. and Rohde, R.F. (December 2016, 2nd Edn, 1st Edn March 2016)

No. 2.  Relationality, reciprocity and flourishing in an African landscape: perspectives on agency amongst
           ||Khao-a Dama, !Narenin and ||Ubun elders in west Namibia

  by Sullivan, S. and Hannis, M. (March 2016)

No. 3.  What’s ontology got to do with it? Nature, knowledge and ‘the green economy’.
           by Sullivan, S. (April 2016)

No. 4.  Killing nature to save it? Ethics, economics and rhino hunting in Namibia.

           by Hannis, M. (September 2016)

No. 5.  Dissonant sustainabilities? Politicising and psychologising antagonisms in the conservation-
           development nexus

           by Sullivan, S. (March 2018)

No 6.  Navigating soundscape research: a review of literature at the intersection of sound and environmental   


           by Yount, R.,

           with a Foreword by Impey, A. (November 2018)

No. 7.  Maps and memory, rights and relationships: articulations of global modernity and local dwelling in

           delineating land for a communal-area conservancy in north-west Namibia.

           Sullivan, S. (October 2019)

No. 8. Attitudes and perceptions of local communities towards the reintroduction of black rhino (Diceros

           bicornis bicornis) into their historical range in northwest Kunene Region, Namibia: a Masters

           Dissertation from 2004.

           by !Uri≠khob, S.,

           with a Foreword by Sian Sullivan and Jeff Muntifering, ‘Historicising black rhino in west Namibia’

No. 9. !Nara harvesters of the northern Namib: retrieving disrupted socio-ecological pasts through on-site oral


         by Sullivan, S. and Ganuses, W.S., with ||Hoëb, F., Ganaseb, N., Tauros, C.D., Ganaseb, M., Sanib, R.,

           |Awises, S., |Nuas, H. and |Nuab, F.

No. 10. Tasting the lost flute music of Sesfontein: memories, histories, possibilities.

           by Sullivan, S. and Ganuses, W.S.

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