Future Pasts Working Papers Series, forthcoming titles

!Uri-||Khob, S. Attitudes and perceptions of local communities towards the reintroduction of black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis) into their historical range in northwest Kunene Region, Namibia, with a foreword by Sullivan, S. and Muntifering, J.

Hannis, M. “Uranium burns a hole in forever”: temporalities, ethics and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Impey, A. Listening in, sounding out: reflections on ethnomusicological approaches to soundscape ecology in western Namibia.

Impey, A. in prep. a The politics and spectacle of renewal in the Damara King's Festival. Future Pasts Working Papers

Rohde, R.F. An ethnography of time: biographies of Damara informants, 20 years on.

Rohde, R.F. and Sullivan, S. Haunted landscapes: the emotional geography of dispossession and memory in Scottish and Namibian history.

Sullivan, S. Maps and memory: on colonial exploration and indigenous cultural landscapes in west Namibia.

Sullivan, S. Wild game or soul mates? Tracing humanist naturalism and animist socialism through case-material from Namibia. Future Pasts Working Papers


Sullivan, S. Witchcraft, wilderness and rhinos: on frictions in market-based improvement through community conservation in west Namibia.

Sullivan, S. Songs sung for happiness and the heart: enacting people, places and events through |gais.

Sullivan, S., Ganuses, W.S., ||Hoëb, F., Ganaseb, N., Tauros, C.D., Ganaseb, M., |Nuas, H. and |Nuab, F. !Nara harvesters of the northern Namib.